Free for Fall: Magic Kingdom Jack-O-Lantern Template Set

I love, love, love the flair with which Disney dolls itself up for a holiday, any holiday. The Winter holidays definitely take the prize for most elaborate and beautiful, but Fall is a not so distant second. Who doesn’t love walking down the ramp from the monorail and seeing those HUGE smiling Jack-O-Lanterns at the front entrance? Everyone does, of course. I know I would put one out in front of our flat if they would let me take it home. However, I don’t think they are going to do that and I’m not having any luck finding a 7 foot tall squash on my own so, I have to settle for the next best thing – replicating them in a take-home size!

mk_jack_pic3Boba Chef and I have visited the park several times this season to take photos of the 20 Jack-O-Lanterns located at the entrance in order to create a template for each one. Once the templates were completed, I tried one of them out just to make sure they would work. While you can’t really find pumpkins in the exact shapes of the ones at Disney, You can still carve the faces to look the same. (The template used for the example below is the center face above.)

mk_jack_pic5If you would like to make your own Magic Kingdom Jack-O-Lantern, you can download the complete set of 21 templates (with the bonus Mickey Wreath pattern) by clicking the image below. I hope you enjoy them! Happy Halloween & Boo to YOU!

Magic Kingdom Jack-O-Lantern Template Set